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Scarborough A&E Safe Says Chief Exec

Scarborough A&E Safe Says Chief Exec

Published by Matthew Pells at 11:33am 15th October 2018. (Updated at 11:56am 15th October 2018)

Scarborough Hospital will not lose it's Accident and Emergency department according the chief executive of the York NHS Foundation Trust.

Mike Procter says there are enormous pressures on NHS staffing in the area and that the local NHS bodies have started a review on the delivery of service but that starting point for the review is that

"Scarborough has to have an Emergency Department"

Mr Proctor says that a large number of future scenarios have been described following a clinical review and that now a process of looking at those scenarios with wider group of people has been started.

A series of stakeholder meetings is taking place in Scarborough and Bridlington today and tomorrow. Mr Proctor says the purpose of these meetings appears to have been misunderstood. In an interview with Yorkshire Coast Radio Mr Proctor said...

"The meeting tonight is not a public consultation on proposals, there is no public consultation because at the moment there are no proposals. The purpose of the meeting tonight is to try and engage a wider group of people in how we should evaluate these possible scenarios and that ill help us eliminate an awful lot of the scenarios that we've developed, because we've had to develop a huge range of those to actually develop our thinking on the way forward to make sure that Scarborough has got a functioning Emergency department and has the services that surround that department that make safe services for the local population."

When asked if there was any danger of Scarborough's A&E department begin downgraded to a Minor Injuries Unit, Mr Procter replied..

"No, I think everybody is absolutely of the same mined, Scarborough is in an isolated position, in health terms its in a strategically important position, it's forty odd miles from any other hospital, of course it needs an emergency department"

"York Foundation Trust, the commissioning body, is totally committed to maintaining and developing an Emergency Department on the Scarborough site."

Mr Procter confirmed that a private consultancy company has been employed to look at Scarborough Hospital an that the data they gathered is what is now being discussed with a view to delivering an Emergency Department in Scarborough in a sustainable way.


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