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Scarborough Spa Cliff Stabilisation 'Going Well'

scarborough spa

Published by Jon Burke at 12:15pm 14th September 2018.

It's hoped the slope stabilisation scheme behind Scarborough Spa will be finished by this time next year.

The borough council's Cabinet Member for Major Projects, Mike Cockerill, says a quarter of the soil nails have gone into the cliff and by December deep piling work should have started.

The project cost nearly £13.5 million and involves works such as piling along the rear of the complex, drainage to address the deep seated failure of the slope, soil reinforcement or 'nailing' as well as repairs to the arch structure near the Spa Cliff lift and the relaying of access paths.

£11.5 million of that funding has come from the Environment Agency with contributions from Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council making up the difference. 

Mike said:

"It's been on the cards for a long time. People will remember there was originally talk of putting rock armour on the beach, but we challenged that and we found out we didn't have to do that for maybe another fifty years."


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