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Fines Of Up To £30,000 Possible For Private Landlords In Scarborough


Published by Karen Liu at 12:24pm 12th September 2018.

Private landlords in Scarborough could soon be punished by the borough council if their properties are not up to scratch.

The government has decided to give local authorities 'new powers' - to alleviate the amount of work for Magistrates.

Penalties of up to £30,000 could be imposed by council officers for certain offences.

It was recommended at the cabinet meeting earlier this week.

Councillor Bill Chatt, Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

"What they're saying is that councils should have the powers to do civil enforcement.

So for that purpose, our officers will still work exactly the same, they will serve an enforcement notice on somebody.

And if that work isn't done or completed to the satisfaction of the local authority, then that will give us the opportunity to decide whether or not we should use a civil enforcement on them.

The government legislation is that they want us to adopt it.

A lot of local authorities have and what they're saying to us now, is that we're at the position where we need to make that decision.

So as a council, the cabinet has accepted the fact that civil enforcement will be part of the work that we do.

That will now go to full council to make the final decision."


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Gypsy D, on 12th September 2018 4:51pm
Who will police the council propertys that are run down damp etc??

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