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Scarborough's Futurist Theatre Demolished

futurist demolished 1

Published by Jon Burke at 11:15am 10th August 2018. (Updated at 2:27pm 10th August 2018)

Scarborough's Futurist Theatre building has been demolished.

futurist demolished 2


It's as work to knock the building down started in June and has been carried out in stages.

Contractors started work from the old Mermaid Bar, working their way left

futurist demolished 3

Planning permission for its demolition was granted last year.

futurist demolished 4


Meanwhile Scarborough borough council has released a statement about an artefact from the building:

"It has always been the hope of residents and the Borough Council that it would be possible to recover some artefacts from the Futurist building. The decision as to whether it was safe and possible to save any artefacts from the Futurist is the sole responsibility of our contractors, Willmott Dixon.

It had been hoped that some prominent features might have been salvaged during the demolition phase of the Cliff Stabilisation project but this has proved not to be possible.

As we neared the end of the demolition of the building Cllrs Bastiman and Cockerill worked closely with contractors in the endeavours to secure the safe removal of the Cherub.

Consequently it is pleasing to report that our contractors, in supporting that wish, have successfully recovered the “Cherub” in a single piece."

bastiman cockerill cherub

Cllr Mike Cockerill, Major Projects Portfolio Holder said:

“It is our ambition that the “Cherub” will find a permanent location in any future development on the development site.

Short term, it is possible that the Cherub could form part of local exhibitions on a temporary basis.”

Cllr. Derek Bastiman, Leader of the Borough Council, added:

“Now the building has been removed, we look forward to seeing a major attraction for both residents and visitors being provided on the site”.

Scarborough's MP Robert Goodwill said:

"The Futurist was a bit of an eyesore. Even when it was it operation, it wasn't the most beautiful building. 

The facade behind the cladding was apparently quite beautiful, I only saw it once. It's the end of a chapter but I think, a great opportunity.

That site is now on a prime position on the sea front. Interestingly, before The Futurist was there, there was another theatre, but before that there was a rollercoaster. 

Certainly, the plans I've seen with Flamingoland to put something in there that will be a real visitor attraction I think can actually be a great opportunity for Scarborough.

I can understand why people mourn the passing of The Futurist, but I think the opportunities on that site are absolutely fantastic."


There are 4 comments on this page.

Pookied, on 10th August 2018 6:56pm
It was an absolute disgrace that they knocked the theatre down and even worse that they would not allow any of the fixtures to be saved shame on the council
zara, on 10th August 2018 7:44pm
WRONG Mr Bastiman it was down to you and the council to retain anything of interest/value to the community. YOU are the ones that signed the contract with Willmot Dixon and you could have inserted any clause you wanted.
As for the comments by Mr Goodwill who only seems to have goodwill for his business friends they are too stupid to be believed. First of all its an eyesore and not the most beautiful building and then he believes that the facade behind the cladding was apparently quite beautiful. Typical politician wants it both ways... I am also pretty sure that when (if) it was ever a rollercoaster it would certainly have been a very small one by todays standards. I am in my sixties although not local came here every year and i only remember the futurist.
Smokieno1, on 10th August 2018 9:59pm
...and all they saved was a cherub?!? What a joke...
Kate Jones, on 10th August 2018 10:02pm
I find it astonishing that @robertgoodwill can comment 'apparently the facade behind is beautiful'....i feel in his role he should have explored this part of the town's heritage fully rather than sitting by whilst 4 million pounds of the townsfolk's money is squandered in pulling this incredible building down.....when other theatre companies offered to buy the building. How can this be good custodianship? I don't know if its lack of imagination, corruption or incompetence that has led to this action but like many recent decisions from the council its made to the detriment of the town. To sit smugly with the cherub smacks of the pictures where a hunter has killed a beautiful dignifed lion and stands gleefully with its severed head. Shame on the councillors for not listening to their townsfolk and for permitting this action

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