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Car Rallies Banned in Scarborough

Car Rallies Banned in Scarborough

Published by Jon Burke at 3:21pm 2nd July 2018. (Updated at 4:27pm 2nd July 2018)

Unauthorised car cruises in Scarborough Borough have been banned.

A Public Space Protection Order has been approved by the council, which bans them and allows fines gto be issued for anyone breaking the rules.

A £100 fixed penalty can be issued to anyone trying to breach the order.

More than £50,000 of damage was done to Royal Albert Drive at an event last year and then earlier this year police closed Marine Drive to prevent a similar event taking place.

The order will only apply to rallies, rather than individuals in modified cars.

Councillor Sandra Turner is cabinet member for Communities, she said:

"If you are the owner of one of these modified cars, then obviously we don't want to restrict anyone who's going for a family day out.

If they're using their car that happens to be like that then clearly we can't stop that.

But what we do not want to promote and what we do not accept, is the gathering of the amount of these types vehicles that then take part in the rallies.

We want to stop the anti-social behaviour that takes place around this event. The Public Space protection Order is for the whole of the borough so that we're ensuring that this doesn't take place anywhere within our area.

It really is the danger to the public that we're concerned about."


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