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Scarborough MP Reacts To Proposed Premier Inn

Scarborough MP Reacts To Proposed Premier Inn

Published by Karen Liu at 11:36am 27th June 2018. (Updated at 6:40am 28th June 2018)

Scarborough's MP says the town will relish having a second Premier Inn.

Robert Goodwill has been reacting to the news of the proposed 105 bedroom hotel.

Earlier this week we told you it is hoped the accommodation could open next summer, according to the developers Benchmark Leisure.

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Robert said:

"Many resorts around the country would give their eye teeth to have new hotels built in those resorts.

We've seen a history of guest houses and hotels closing, I think we've turned a tide there.

I think most foresighted hoteliers and restaurateurs relish their competition.

They will, I think, compare very well.

Whilst it might be that younger people who may have stayed at Premier Inn's before, will go and stay there.

We've got many families, older people and people who have traditionally come to Scarborough, who will stick with the guest houses.

So I think it's a good thing it's going to happen.

The existing Premier Inn has got the best occupancy levels of any Premier Inn, I'm told, in the country.

I think the existing hoteliers and and guest house owners have nothing to fear from this, because Scarborough is moving in the right direction."

Listen to what else Robert had to say:


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zara, on 27th June 2018 12:42pm
Can i just ask what planet Robert Goodwill lives on. A town the size of Scarborough is in no need of a second premier inn, it is in need of affordable housing something this council does not seem to be bothered about. I own my own house but see the need for much more provision for those not so lucky. The answer is of course to use green land to build massive estates regardless of the location and funny how when they are finished there are so few for the people who really need them. Instead of 70 flats for those who are not in dire straits why not 70 flats for the housing associations/council? Once again Benchmark manage to change things to suit their pockets, with a little help from their friends on the council.
I also note that once again if you do not agree with Mr Goodwill (like our great council leader) you have no 'foresight'. Maybe thats because people are concerned for their own futures and how much money will go to Benchmark in loans from US to pay for it.
horny, on 27th June 2018 6:59pm
I can understand your reasoning for not wanting a second premier Inn in the town;however many holiday makers who come to Scarborough do not wish to stay in a Guest House,and what ever some of the population in the town think,it creates money especially with having the Open Air Theatre and the Acts that are starting to come and the Waterpark next door,times change and I am totally in favour of a second Premier Inn, Scarborough born and bred
Joy Scott, on 27th June 2018 9:40pm
As a hotelier in Scarborough of 25 years, I am annoyed and totally disgusted in the political propaganda given by yourself over the airwaves of Yorkshire Coast Radio regarding the proposed new Premier Inn in Scarborough. First of all, give me one justifiable, honest answer why the people of Scarborough will relish having a second Premier Inn in Scarborough. Secondly, you make reference to a number of guest houses and hotels closing in the past and that we have now turned the tide. The owners of these have worked hard for many years attempting to better their businesses, but the main reason for these closures is because they cannot compete with the large multi-million pound hotel companies. You state the existing Premier Inn in Scarborough has the best bed occupancy in the country of Premier Inns, all of which had it not been there together with the other national company hotel would have gone to the hard working private hotelier, who's occupancy levels will not be as good, all lost trade, so why would they relish this position?. Thirdly you state that most foresighted hoteliers and restaurateurs relish there competition. I do not relish any such competition and I do not know any other hotelier who would agree with you, so where did you get your information to allow you to say that on the radio?. There are many others in the town who are against this for all kinds of reasons but the main one I suggest is that it is not required. As stated many self employed residents in your constituency work hard and have done for years in the hotel business and as their MP you should be looking after them, not the big boys
Moggies3, on 28th June 2018 9:39am
The elected representatives of the people of Scarborough seem to make it their policy to ignore us (The Futurist for instance).
The trouble is every time there is an election the constituents vote along party lines, it's time we had genuine candidates who really are the voice of their constituency.
zara, on 28th June 2018 10:23am
Guilty as charged but not any more. My vote will go to the best person for the job. I know my local councillor and great person but definitely a party person.
zara, on 28th June 2018 10:21am
Re reply to my previous post. Not sure what being born and bred in Scarborough has to do with it. I was not but have lived here (and paid all my council taxes!) since 1988. One reason for not wanting it is i cannot see the requirement for a second one. How many people will use it outside the summer months. Yes it would be handy for the OAT but premier inns are designed basically for one or two nights stay, so i doubt that people would use it for a visit to the waterpark. As for people not wanting to stay in guest houses there are those strange things called hotels and an exisiting premier inn. How much money would a second one bring to the town? Yes times change but how does that relate to building new hotels when it is clearly not needed...

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