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New Scarborough Premier Inn Could Open Next Summer

New Scarborough Premier Inn Could Open Next Summer

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:00am 25th June 2018. (Updated at 6:40am 28th June 2018)

It's hoped a new Premier Inn in Scarborough could open next summer.

That's according to developers Benchmark Leisure, with the proposal of a 105 bedroom hotel next to the Alpamare Water Park.

Planning application was submitted in April and a decision is due next month. The hotel, which would be the second Premier Inn in Scarborough, would sit on a vacant plot of land between the water park and the Generous George pub. 

premier inn sands 2

But, as with the North bay cinema, Chief Executive of developers Benchmark Leisure Roland Duce, says they've had to adjust their original plans:

"The original brief was to be a whole story higher than it is. We have had to now reduce the number of stories by one and increase the footprint a little bit in order to not lose any bedrooms. 

But the result is that it sits a lot better in terms of the waterpark on one side and the very attractive pub beside it. "

And Roland believes that B&B and smaller hotel owners shouldn't worry:

"The reality, undoubtedly I think, is that the sort of people who go to a Premier Inn are not the sort of people who go to a small hotel or a Bed and Breakfast.

There are some people who wouldn't dream of going to a Premier Inn, they would only go to a Bed and Breakfast.

So the reverse is true and I'm quite confident that there's room for everybody."






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