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Scarborough's Clock Cafe Demolition Rumours Quashed

Scarborough's Clock Cafe Demolition Rumours Quashed

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 3:21pm 20th June 2018. (Updated at 3:54pm 20th June 2018)

"The Clock Cafe in Scarborough is NOT being demolished."

That comes from Jackie Link, who runs the cafe behind the Spa. She's dispelling rumours that have circulated suggesting that it's being knocked down.

It seems that the hearsay has stemmed from conversations about the chalets in front of the cafe possibly having to be demolished after they were damaged in the 'Beast from the East.'

It resulted in a crack in the path in front of the cafe and behind the chalets, being opened up and leading to a slight land slip. 

Cliff stabilisation works have also begun behind the spa to prevent any further slippage. 

Jackie said:

"Well I can categorically say it's false because nobody's told me that's happening. I wrote on social media to clarify because we're having a hard enough time getting stock and people there because there's no access now.

I also rang the council and asked if there was something they're not telling me. Lisa Dixon and Mike Cockerill have both got on board to quash the rumours. 

The rumours started about two weeks ago. A lady stopped one of the people that works for me in the gardens and asked what date the cafe gets demolished. 

She told the lady it wasn't getting demolished at all, it was the chalets in front of the cafe, and we thought no more of it. 

Since then, int he last couple of weeks, we've had numerous phone calls asking us when it closes. 

The Clock Cafe is well and truly open for business!"

A statement released on Scarborough Borough Council's Twitter page read:

"Following the start of the South Cliff Slope Stabilisation Scheme at the beginning of June, we have become aware of come confusion as to the extent of the scheme's scope. 

For clarification, the scheme was a number of years in the planning and is completely unconnected to the isolated wall movement that occurred in the spring behind the South bay chalets and below the Clock Cafe.

The scope of the current scheme does not include this particular area. The area affected by the isolated incident will be dealt with separately and, contrary to local rumours, will not involve the demolition of The Clock Cafe, which remains and will remain very much open for business!"


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