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Whitby East Pier works to begin shortly

Whitby East Pier works to begin shortly

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 7:43am 17th August 2010.

The existing structure is undermined at its south west and south east corners and sheet piles around this end of the structure are severely corroded.

In 2009 the council was awarded grant aid from the Environment Agency so it could carry out the repair work.  

It will involve propping the pier and then cutting a trench in the seabed to protect the toe of the new structure from scour.

A new wall will be constructed along the base of the pier from pre-cast reinforced concrete panels supported by steel piles placed in front of the existing structure, with a mass concrete infill between the two structures.

Contractor Volker Stevin will begin to mobilise on Endeavour Wharf during the week commencing 23 August, following the conclusion of Whitby Regatta.

Activities will include erecting site cabins and the fabrication of a Jack Up Barge which will be used to provide a working platform to carry out the work.

Scarborough Borough Council Project Manager Chris Bourne said: "While we appreciate this is the peak summer time, the works are being done at this time of year to take advantage of the good weather and favourable sea conditions.

"If the works were to be delayed until the winter period they would take significantly longer and cost considerably more due to the inability to work in rough seas.

"In an attempt to complete these works as quickly as possible and to make best use of the available tides, the contractor will be able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The works are anticipated to take up to 15 weeks from commencement.

"To prevent significant disruption the contractor has liaised with the local authority Environmental Health Service and work activities will be restricted during the evening to prevent excessive noise and nuisance wherever possible."

When the Council drew up the Whitby Coastal Defence Strategy in 2002, it identified that some of the Whitby Harbour defence structures were approaching the end of their serviceable life and were in need of improvement, the most significant being the east and west piers.

The strategy highlighted some areas where information was lacking or where existing information was insufficient, which showed that further studies would be needed to confirm the 2002 findings and to provide additional information to support the design of any potential scheme and recommended improvements.

These further studies, which took place during 2008 and led to the current findings, were in two parts.

1. Investigations of structural condition
A comprehensive series of surveys and physical investigations designed and undertaken between February and October 2008, which consisted of:

"    Topographic, digital measured and photographic surveys
"    Dive survey and visual inspections
"    Ground probing radar and microgravity surveys
"    Ground investigation
"    Hydrographic, geophysical and seismic surveys

2. Investigations of defence performance
A series of modelling and assessment investigations were designed and undertaken throughout 2008, which consisted of:

"    Wave and water level modelling
"    Beach behaviour analysis
"    Wave overtopping assessments
"    Flood level assessments along the lower reaches of the River Esk estuary.

These have improved the understanding of the present-day coastal processes in the vicinity of Whitby harbour.  The vulnerability of the structures to failure has also been assessed, along with the implications of different management options on the coastal processes.




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