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Scarborough Council Workers Set For Payrise

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Published by Karen Liu at 6:25pm 12th June 2018.

There is a move to pay Scarborough council employees the National Living Wage.

The proposal has been recommended by the cabinet - and means everyone will receive a minimum of £8.75 - going up from £7.85.

It affects around 33 people and will cost £5,500 - when it is backdated to April.

Cabinet Member for Communities Sandra Turner said:

"I appreciate it's not easy. Employers find it difficult in this time as we've got increase in rates et cetera, so it's not an easy position to be in.

But if we want to move forward, we want people to have a better living standard then we've got to take these tougher decisions.

We can't enforce it but I would hope that they see this is a lead for the way forward and it will improve our borough.

I see this as a step forward, a positive step forward, and I hope members will support it in full council and I feel assured that they will.

And that other members of the commercial sector will follow suit."

The recommendation needs to be approved by full council before going ahead.

Councillor Sandra Turner spoke to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:


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Roger Curtis, on 13th June 2018 8:50am
I see collr Sandra Turner didn't answer the quetion on how much they were paying how much are the councillors getting and this about the average wage has been a joke for years in Germany they use to give the country a rise every year by what the persentage the inflation went up and if it went up over what they had given the next year they addjusted it and that's a snake in the face councillor we don't have to do this why not do what the top over paid earners at the BBC did had a pay cut to bring their under payed staff near to what they were getting are you prepared to do that ?

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