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Parts Of ITV's Victoria Filmed In Flamborough


Published by Karen Liu at 6:06am 6th June 2018. (Updated at 7:23am 7th June 2018)

Flamborough's been chosen to be filmed for parts of series 3 of ITV's Victoria.

It took place at the village earlier this week on Tuesday 5th June.

The drama is about the first few years of Queen Victoria's reign.

In December last year, it was renewed for another season.

Gary Barnes is the Location Manager and said:

"We were trying to find a beach that looked great. So straight away we went and looked up this coastline, got a map out, marked out all the beaches and went to look at them.

The two things we had to think about was how easy would it be to get our equipment there but more importantly, how we will get it to look great and obviously the bay we used in Flamborough is very spectacular, and as soon as we saw that, we thought that's the one we wanted to use.

After my experience of filming there, I definitely want to come back.

It's been a great experience for me and my team for sorting things out and for our crew.

And visually it's fantastic so I'm sure we will be back.

I have filmed here before on various things, so I would like to come back and it's always a pleasure to film here."


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