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Mayor Making Day For Scarborough Borough

Joe Plant

Published by Karen Liu at 6:00am 16th May 2018. (Updated at 6:00am 17th May 2018)

It is Mayor making day for Scarborough Borough today.

Councillor Joe Plant is to become the next Mayor replacing Martin Smith.

Celebrations will be held but the Labour group says they will not be attending it in order to save council taxpayers funds.

They are calling for an end to free meal perks which are given to Councillors who attend the bash.

Joe Plant said:

"A few years back, the Mayor's civic fund was about £9500 and now we're down to about £3000 for the year.

You have to remember that goes towards students coming to the Town Hall and around the Borough.

Then we have to put on teas, coffees and juice and that's what it's been about over the years so £3000 doesn't go a long way.

This Council did vote on the future of the Mayor.

Not long ago there was a scrutiny committee looking at Mayorship and it was decided we'll have it for another four years.

And then it was decided we'll have another year and then a review.

So this year there's going to be a review on the Mayorship."

Leader of the Labour Group Steve Siddons said:

"With Council revenues plummeting we keep being told the Cabinet is cutting its cloth to match.

But once again the whole Council of 50 members, senior officers and the Towns' "great & good" have been invited to a free Mayor making bash at the public's expense.

The last Labour Mayor, Eric Broadbent, didn't have this extravagance but still had one of the most successful Mayoral years in the Borough's history

It gives the wrong message that we are choosing to cut basic amenities such as closing public toilets but sitting down to feast at the public's expense.

We fully support a leading Council member acting as a figurehead for the Council but that does not need to involve unnecessary perks for Councillors."


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