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'Unclear' Why Scarborough Councillor Refused Data Protection Training

Scarborough Town Hall

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:02am 23rd April 2018. (Updated at 10:52am 23rd April 2018)

It's still not yet clear why a Scarborough Borough Councillor has refused to take part in mandatory data protection training.

That's according to Councillor John Nock, who was quizzed about the issue at a cabinet meeting last week.

The General Data Protection Regulation is legislation part of EU law and comes into affect on 25 May, affecting all businesses and authorities.

Even if one person in the business, or in this instance the council, does not take part in the training, that body will not be compliant and could be in breach. 

Ironically, the elected member in question cannot be identified due to data protection restrictions, according to the council. 

But as Councillor Nock explains, the council may be able to get round the issue by restricting access to information to the councillor who's refused the training:

"If we continued to make certain information available, then we would put ourselves at risk of being non-compliant.

But by preventing access to that information, we would be compliant. Let's not forget that the electorate voted us in to serve them and represent them at council.

In order to that properly all councillors have to comply with the law and this particular piece of legislation will afford increased protection for the voters in terms of the information and how we hold and process it.

It is important I think, that in order to keep faith with our electors, we comply with the legislation."

This was the exchange between Councillor Nock, Councillor Joe Plant and the council's legal advisor David Kitson, at cabinet last Tuesday (17 April)

We caught up with Councillor Nock about the issue, listen to the full interview here:


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Mat Watkinson, on 23rd April 2018 8:35am
With the secrecy that surrounds many cabinet decisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who’s refusing to sign up to the training is fully aware of the consequences and is very happy that it’ll cause more lack of transparency.

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