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Three Resign From Scarborough Lifeboat

Three Resign From Scarborough Lifeboat

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 3:49pm 17th April 2018. (Updated at 1:01pm 18th April 2018)

Three members of Scarborough Lifeboat have resigned.

It comes after the sacking of Coxswain Tom Clark by the RNLI.

This has caused strong feelings for some in Scarborough and resulted in a petition to re-instate Tom, which has nearly 4,500 signatures.

The RNLI says he took out the all-weather lifeboat without the proper authorisation, hence breaching safety regulations and behaving in an unprofessional manner, not acceptable to the charity.

Tom has strongly denied any impropriety.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said:

"We can confirm that three crew members have resigned since the coxswain was stood down.

We can confirm that during discussions with the coxswain when the investigation had reached its outcome, we discussed the option of him leaving and proposed a leaving date, to avoid standing him down. The coxswain decided against this course of action and this left little option other than to stand him down.

We understand that some people feel strongly about this – communities feel invested in their local lifeboat stations and that community involvement is important to the RNLI. It does mean, though, that when we make difficult decisions like this, it’s not uncommon to get some disagreement and even protest locally. However, this can’t stop us doing the right thing. Safety is always a priority and when serious breaches of safety occur, we have to tackle them."

Tom has stressed to us he wasn't offered the chance to leave, as stated by the RNLI.

He claims seven crew members have now left the lifeboat since he was stood down




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Richard Baker, on 17th April 2018 6:30pm
That good old health & safety to hide behind.
What happened to applying some common sense.
Sounds to me like a witch hunt as the punishment way out weighs the crime after so many years service. If whats been printed in local press is correct its a shame more life boat members don't stand down in support of Tom.
Leopard, on 18th April 2018 11:40am
Very similar event to the Guernsey lifeboat whose whole crew resigned after coxswain was sacked, not enough flexibility with the R N L I about local matter's , judgement taken at a high level with little understanding about what knits a crew together, as an ex crewman of dungeness lifeboat I have an idea how a crew works together on a shout. John Tart

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