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Yorkshire Coast Homes Merger Discussed

Yorkshire Coast Homes

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:00am 17th April 2018.

A merger between Yorkshire Coast Homes and Coast and Country Housing Association is being discussed by Scarborough Borough Council's Cabinet today (Tuesday 17 April.)

The Boards of YCH and CCH have formally approved a proposed merger. YCH is now asking that the Council give its support to the proposed merger and approves changes to the way that YCH is constituted that shall allow the planned merger to proceed.

YCH patch goes as far up as Boulby, which is where CCH's (based in Redcar) patch ends. 

The proposal was also discussed at an Overview and Scrutiny Board meeting yesterday (Monday 16 April) ahead of consideration by the full council on Monday 14 May.

The merger is to be achieved through YCH converting its legal status to a Community Benefit Society (CBS) and CCH then transferring its engagements to YCH. 

The companies are working towards a completion date of Monday 1 October 2018. Through its 33.3% ‘Golden Share’ of the voting rights of YCH’s membership, the Council is currently able to determine a resolution as to whether the conversion to a CBS (and the merger) proceeds.

However from 15 May, The Local Authority Influence Regulations 2017 mean that from that date the Council will be required to give up its membership of YCH.

The Council’s associated 33.3% voting rights will cease and the Council will lose its ability (through the board and its membership of YCH) to determine YCH’s future.

Councillor Bill Chatt said:

"The housing waiting list is still going to be maintained, which is a good thing to do.

We will still be using the CBL (Choice-Based Lettings) system which most people are aware of. 

As far as I'm concerned, this is job as usual but it should give us more chance to bring development and more opportunities into the area. 

On the 14 May, full council will make a decision, but on the 15 the companies can do ti regardless of our intention or vote.

It seems really strange but Owen Ingram the Chief Executive of Yorkshire Coast Homes says he wants  Scarborough Borough Council to be involved in this. 

He wants to still work with the council to deliver housing. We are a natural partner for a housing association because we do have land, we do have resources we can put into this."


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