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Planning Permission Approved For Filey Flat Cliffs Track

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Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 2:32pm 8th February 2018.

Planning permission has been granted to redevelop the access track to Flat Cliffs in Filey.

The track is the only access in and out of the hamlet which is situated immediately below the Primrose Valley Holiday Caravan Park.

In recent years, there has been evidence of ground movement due to coastal erosion. If the road was severed, Flat Cliffs would be cut off without access, which is home to 45 dwellings.

The planning was passed at a Scarborough Borough Council Planning and Development Committee this afternoon. 

The works will include:

  • The provision of kerb drainage along the access road to flat cliffs which will drain to 70m long, flexible pipe which will be laid on the surface of the cliff slope from the road to the beach and will channel water, that would otherwise run down the cliff face causing instability and erosion, from the road directly onto the beach
  • The insertion of 20m long drainage pipes into a 75 m stretch of the lower cliff slope to lower water pressure in the cliff face and reduce the rate of erosion and landslip
  • The construction of a sandbag protection wall approximately 1m high and 3m deep along a 75m stretch of the bottom of the cliff

Councillor Mike Cockerill is the Cabinet Member for Major Projects at Scarborough Borough Council, he said:

"It's totally funded by the Environment Agency, over £500,000. The next step is to firm up with potential contractors on a firm price and then get started as soon as possible. 

We envisage that the scheme will be done in two phases. We're hoping that in April or May it would be completed, before the main season starts for the caravan park. 

They've been very supportive and allowing some of their land and car parks as compounds for some of the work. 

They're co-operating with us and we're co-operating with them."


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