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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It

Better Information Needed For Parking In Bridlington


6:02am 9th February 2018
(Updated 7:58am 9th February 2018)

There needs to be more education on where to park in Bridlington...

That is the message from Maureen Bell, the Chairman of Bridlington Town Team.

She says many people don't necessarily understand Controlled Parking Zones.

And says it is extremely controversial, because residents believe many parking areas have been lost:

Maureen says those in Beverley are well informed:

She adds:

"I think it's down to things like the road construction [as to why places to park are closing]

If you are closing a road or if it's one way temporaily then you can't have cars parking and obstructing it.

And you must always remember that we need to have sufficent room for emergency vehicles to get about town.

Once a lot of these regenerations are finished like Hildethorpe Road and some of the other associated roads, some of these on street parking will be reinstated.

And in the same way, we have the new hotel on the north side and people think that all of those parking spaces on Beaconsfield have been lost but alot of these will be reinstated and available to the public."

Hear the full interview here:

Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It

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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It