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Extension To Scarborough's Woodlands Crematorium

woodlands crematorium

11:39am 12th January 2018
(Updated 7:52am 13th January 2018)

Scarborough's Woodlands Crematorium is being extended to improve bereavement services across the borough.

The crematorium is the only council owned and managed crematorium in the borough. It is currently made up of a room for funeral services, a waiting room, cremation facilities and staff offices, but according to the council, there has been a growing need in recent years for a larger, more welcoming waiting area to accommodate mourners waiting for a service to begin and provide a more relaxed space for those who have lost a loved one to meet with staff to plan services or discuss other bereavement services.

The current waiting room will be extended and constructed in a conservatory style but with a solid roof and efficient lighting and heating to ensure a light, airy space all year round without the extremes of temperature often associated with traditional glass roof conservatories.

On completion, it will be known as the ‘garden room’. Preparatory groundworks, which will include the construction of a new path to provide access directly to the waiting room from the public parking area, will begin tomorrow (13 January.)

A small cluster of trees (which are not memorial trees and are not subject to tree preservation orders) are being removed to make way for the path, but these will be replaced by the planting of new trees.

Work to construct the path and garden room will be timed so it doesn’t coincide with funeral services and it is expected to be finished by 31 March.

Councillor Bill Chatt, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Public Health and Housing said:

“Our crematorium already provides an excellent service to those who have been bereaved but we are always looking for ways in which it can be improved.

The crematorium is a place associated with a variety of emotions and the surroundings need to be sensitive to them all.

In particular, the larger capacity of the new garden room will increase the number of mourners that can be accommodated in comfort and the direct access path will aid the dignified flow of people, especially on days when the funeral schedule includes back to back services.” 

Listen to more of what Councillor Chatt had to say here:

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