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Scarborough Borough Fights Plastic Pollution Of The Sea

Scarborough Borough Fights Plastic Pollution Of The Sea

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:02am 9th January 2018.

A strategy is in place to make Scarborough Borough Council a single-use-plastic-free authority by the end of this year.

A motion was passed by the borough council yesterday (Monday 8 January) that includes an end to the purchase and procurement of single use plastics (SUPs) through the council's supply chain. 

It would see the end of the sale of SUPs such as bottles, cutlery and drinking straws in council buildings as well as working with tenants and operators in commercial properties in council owned buildings to do the same. 

The government has announced a consultation into a possible tax on single use plastics, but the borough council wants to eliminate their use as soon as possible. 

Every year, Scarborough's South Bay in particular is littered with plastics that are then washed into the sea.

Councillor Mark Vesey is from the Borough Council, he says the whole council recognises something needs to be done to protect our seas on the Yorkshire Coast.

He said:

"It was a pretty unanimous vote I think. All parties are concerned about it,  as we all are, and of course it's not just Scarborough, it's Whitby and Filey, it's the Yorkshire Coast.

We want this to be the best place to visit on holiday or visit at any time of year and we want out sea life to be healthy, our seas to be clean and our beaches to be clean as well. 

We're particularly aware of this in Scarborough because obviously in the summer, with so many visitors, there's an awful lot of plastic gets left behind. 

Not only buckets and spades but bottles, polystyrene chip trays, disposable lighters, coin cups from the amusement arcades and even disposable nappies are left."



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Carl Walsh, on 9th January 2018 1:26pm
Ha ha what a laugh, The council have failed to issue
A single PCN for littering and are only trying to make the
Right noises because it's a global subject right now.
They choose to hit motorists and really don't have the forward thinking needed to address plastic pollution or litter.

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