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Staithes Residents Step Up Campaign Against Mast

Staithes Residents Step Up Campaign Against Mast

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 9:32am 13th November 2017.

Residents in Staithes have stepped up their campaign against the erection of a mobile phone mast in the village. 

In September 2016, Pegasus Group put plans in to erect a mobile phone mast at Staithes despite being met with wide range disapproval from the local community. 

The proposal is for the 40 foot mast to be placed at the Staithes Athletic Club, about 20 metres from the nearest home and in the middle of the only playing area field. 

Campaigners suggest that the presence of a mast will detract from the quality of life of local residents and that are plenty of other suitable sites for it to go rather than in the middle of a playing field in a built up residential area. 

Marion Watson is Ward Councillor for the Mulgrave Ward and a resident of Staithes, she said:

"We've uncovered the Land Act of 1925 as there is a covenant on the ground. That was done in 1984 when the land was sold by Whitby and District Rural Council to Staithes Athletic Club. 

We're going to try, hopefully, and get this through the court to get the covenant upheld."

Carol Zagrovic is a local resident, she added:

The government's own Stewart Report recommends that masts shouldn't be put near schools, yet this will be near a school.

Not only will it be near a school, it will be directly on a playing field where those local children actually play.

Then they go to sleep and live in those houses that are around that mast, so it's 24 hours a day with them."



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