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Over £50,000 Worth Of Damage To Road In Scarborough

Over £50,000 Worth Of Damage To Road In Scarborough

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 10:33am 20th October 2017. (Updated at 11:14am 20th October 2017)

Royal Albert Drive is undergoing repair works after it was damaged at a car event over the weekend. 

Work is due to finish on the road today, with the McCain 10k run set to go down it as part of route on Sunday. 

The council had only just completed works to the area with an estimated cost of around £600,000. 

Police were called to the incident at around 10.25pm on Sunday evening (15 October) to reports of the manner of driving of a black Vaxhall Astra on Royal Albert Drive, causing damage to the road surface outside the Oasis Cafe. 

An investigation is ongoing. 

A North Yorkshire County Council spokesperson said:

“Repair work which will cost around £52,000 is to begin tomorrow in Royal Albert Drive, Scarborough, after the recently resurfaced road was damaged at a Static Royal car event at the weekend.

 North Yorkshire County Council spent more than £600,000 repairing and resurfacing Royal Albert Drive, which took several weeks and was completed just over a week ago.

The damage is being assessed following Sunday’s event and repairs will now be scheduled.

 The improvements were made to benefit the local economy and enhance the area for residents and visitors.

It is disappointing that more work now needs to be undertaken, resulting in further cost to the public and inconvenience for drivers and residents.’’

Councillor Eric Broadbent represents the Northstead Division at North Yorkshire County Councillor, he added:

"The organisers were disappointed to say the least. All their hard work's been ruined but they do tell me that they have evidence of people filming the incident. 

I'm sure they're working very closely with the police to bring these guys to admit that they were responsible and let the law take its course.

Works had only just finished around Royal Albert Drive and Marine Drive a week ago. I think the total cost was £600,000.

The works on marine Drive had been going on for about three weeks and then it was completed last week. 

The reason we carried out the works is because Marine Drive is a showcase for Scarborough. 


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James Hatfield, on 20th October 2017 4:03pm
I’m planning a modified car meeting.. It will held on Seamer road Scarborough on Saturday afternoon from 2pm... we are allowed to arrange Modified Car meetings and hold them on public highways aren't we????

Somehow... I don’t thinks so.
James Hatfield, on 20th October 2017 4:07pm
Keep letting this happen. Keep arranging modified car meetings on Public highways... when there is an accident and someone is killed because a car that is doing a burn out veers off into the crowd then they won’t be allowed...

Great idea.!!!!
James Hatfield, on 20th October 2017 8:10pm
Oh and seriously... The report above says Police are investigating the manner of a driver of a black that it.. . I was down there for about 20 mins trying to get through and I counted 17 cars doing burn outs and breaking the speed limit... Great work Scarborough police.. you should get medals for investigating that ONE car... Unbelievable.

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