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Scarborough Futurist: Councillor Opposes Demolition

Scarborough Futurist: Councillor Opposes Demolition

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 7:02am 19th October 2017.

Tomorrow's a big day in the fate of Scarborough's Futurist Theatre.

A planning committee at the borough council will determine whether or not permission is granted for its demolition.

We told you the council's cabinet approved a cost of £3.9 million to knock it down earlier this week.

Castle Ward councillor, Janet Jefferson, claims  the planning committee should refuse planning permission at its meeting tomorrow lunchtime, as it contravenes national planning policy framework and the Local Plan.

Cllr. Jefferson also says there's a lack of information and certainty on what would happen to the site.

She's been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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Bernard Blagden, on 19th October 2017 9:03am
The ultimate cost of demolition and hoped for stabilisation of land behind it will far exceed the Four million Pounds quoted, I bet there is a built in clause that allows an increase in cost if various things/faults are found and then have to be dealt with, plus there is the probability of uncovering the grave of a former member of the Catlin Family, plus there is also the matter of the migratory Bats, evidence of which was found during the previous application for demolition which was actually refused, none of these conditions have changed BUT the popularity of theatres has changed, they are coming back into favour, many Towns and Cities are re opening theatres that are in a much worse condition to our Futurist and are not as good a building either, so come on you council plonkers, wake up to reality, get rid of the Leader and his Followers before it is to late, Scarborough needs THE FUTURIST THEATRE for the long term future as a tourist resort. I and many others are fighting to get government agencies to over rule the demolition order and things are looking very hopeful on that, so come on everyone that matters here, get behind The Save The Futurist Group.

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