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Scarborough Has Worst Average Salary In UK

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7:13am 5th September 2017
(Updated 11:11am 5th September 2017)

Scarborough is THE bottom local authority for average salaries in the whole of the UK.

That's according to a recent report, published by the Social Market Foundation, which states the average salary in the borough is £19,925.

That's £8,517 less than the national average of £28,442. The report also shows that nine of the bottom 20 authorities were coastal communities. 

Last year, average employee gross pay was around £3,600 per annum lower in coastal communities than in other parts of the country. 


The report states:

Economic and social deprivation in seaside communities has been much talked about in recent years. There has been widespread belief that the economies of coastal towns have performed poorly relative to the rest of the country, with a  lack of well-paid job opportunities for people in these areas. Many point to structural, long standing economic and social problems following the decline of domestic tourism in the UK.

Some also point to the fact many coastal communities are poorly connected to major employment centres in the UK, which compounds the difficulties faced by residents in these areas. Not only do they lack job opportunities, but travelling elsewhere for work is also relatively difficult. 

Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Derek Bastiman said:

"I'm shocked and dismayed at this statement because as ever, these statements are very often made from a desktop study.

I'd like to know on what foundation and basis this report's been founded on. In terms of poor connection to major employment cities, the old chestnut of the A64 raises it's ugly head at every chance.

We have to highlight it. However, we have very good rail connections over to the west into York and Leeds etc. 

The other thing is, it all depends on your place of work and working environment you want to work in. 

You couldn't want to work in a better place than what Scarborough is for god's sake."

And you can hear the full interview with Councillor Bastiman below:

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