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U-boat Shipwreck Found Near Whitby Granted Protection

U-boat Shipwreck Found Near Whitby Granted Protection

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:07am 22nd August 2017. (Updated at 6:08am 22nd August 2017)

The shipwreck of a German U-boat found off the coast of Whitby has been granted protection by Historic England. 

The U-boat is a First World War German Imperial Navy UC-70 mine laying submarine which was commissioned in 1916. 

u-boat 3

It conducted 10 patrols and sank 40 ships during the before being bombed on 28 August 1918, all the crew members perished. 

The vessel was first discovered off the coast of Whitby in the 1990s. 

u-boat 2

Joe Flatman is from Historic England, he said:

"The U-boat is formally protected which means unauthorised access to it isn't allowed.

Unfortunately it had in the past been subject to a little bit of recovery of material. The good thing is that almost all of the sites up and down the coast of England these days have really active, local volunteers  who work and record on them. 

People are probably more aware of stories of German warships coming and shelling east coast towns.

Places like Scarborough are quite famous for being somewhere which was shelled, but the submarines were there as well.

Anyone who lived in that area during World War One or World War Two, would've known someone who was working in one of the docks, one of the ports or some of the boats and maybe even in the naval service."


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