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Next Step In Futurist Demolition

Futurist Sign

9:52am 14th August 2017

The next step is coming in the process of demolishing Scarborough's Futurist Theatre. 

A planning application is to be considered for the stabilisation of of the cliffs behind the venue. It's as the borough council presses forward with plans by Flamingo Land to build a new attraction in its place. 

The application will be considered in October, with the council stressing that it does NOT mean there will be any further debate about whether or not the venue will be demolished, because that's already been decided. 

Councillor Mike Cockerill is the member for Project Leadership at the borough council, he said:

"Planning application has been submitted for the method statement for the demolition of the Futurist and the cliff stabilisation. 

That's scheduled to go to a planning committee in October. This doesn't re-open the debate as to whether the Futurist is to be demolished or not.

That decision has been taken. 

This isn't scary, it's a controlled process. yes, some of the nearby residents are concerned about their properties, and they have every right to be say

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Jane Blackie, on 14th August 2017 9:25pm
Firstly if futurist is be demolished I thought it already had planning permission from the 'committee'! Second why hasn't this so called expert information been made public or given to the local residents, have they even been consulted! And lastly just how long is the hole going to left before it's filled in by flamingoland! A joke from start to finish in my book!!

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