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Bridlington's New Lifeboathouse Nearly Ready

brid lifeboathouse 3

9:20am 13th August 2017
(Updated 12:02pm 15th August 2017)

Bridlington's RNLI is getting closer to receiving its new lifeboat.

The new lifeboathouse is nearly ready, ahead of the receipt of the Shannon-class vessel in November.

Crews will start moving into the building next month.

Station Mechanic, Chris Brompton, said:

"The whole package, from the boathouse to the new boat, is very exciting for us all. Where we are at the moment on the main road, we've got to stop traffic and get down the slip before we even get onto the beach itself. Because the new station's in a different location, we're going to be saving time instantly, just because of where we are."


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