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Scarborough Run For Grenfell Tower Tonight


2:21pm 17th July 2017

A special run is taking place in Scarborough tonight to raise money for the Grenfell Tower Disaster Fund.

People can run, jog or walk for 24 minutes, to represent the 24 floors of the building.

The event is taking place at St Cecilias Day Centre on Eastway in Eastfield, and there'll be refreshments afterwards.

Mike Padgham, one of the organisers, said:

"Even though we're not on the doorstep of London, they're human beings, and we thought well actually they deserve a bit of help and support. It was an awful tragedy, there are so many things that go wrong in the world, but that one struck a chord really with those poor people who were on the top floor. One can only imagine what it was like, were you going to get rescued or not? People lost everything, their homes and their belongings, some people lost members of their families. We thought we wanted to put something back."

Anyone who donates to the fund is welcome to take part, it's getting underway at 6pm.

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Skye Hayes, on 17th July 2017 2:35pm
Really hope it all goes well for raising money to support the victims in London fire to all in London stay strong stay well be safe and don't give up hope love light to you all and to the runners in Scarborough

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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It