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Fracking Event In Bridlington Tonight

Fracking Event In Bridlington Tonight

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:03am 17th July 2017.

A presentation on fracking is taking place in Bridlington tonight.

It's been organised by Frack Free East Yorkshire and takes place at the North Library in the town between 6.30pm-9.00pm and is open to any members of the public concerned with fracking. 

There are fears that if plans to frack off the Yorkshire Coast go ahead, there would be pollution to the water supply as well as damage to the tourism industry. 

Lennie is from Frack Free East Yorkshire, she said: 

"We have contacted our local MP, Sir Greg Knight. We've written letters and so far, we haven't got a definitive response.

But I do believe he said something recently that was encouraging. We need to get our councillors, particularly in planning, informed.

We all voted to remain in the EU because a lot of other countries like France have completely banned fracking and there are many many more.

You have to think why they have done that. So we wanted to stay with the people that were already against fracking."




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Tim Norman, on 17th July 2017 9:47am
the event this evening will be invaluable for anyone who wants to know more about the Fracking Process and the impact it could have on the lives of everyone in Bridlington and the surrounding area.

Although Fracking may not take place in Bridlington we will still be affected as The Wolds are prime Fracking Locations. Fracking is already nearly here at Kirby Misperton - only 19 miles from Sledmere an area which many visitors to Brid love to visit. Just consider the impact on the water supply, the beautiful countryside and the environment.

Love to see you all there.
Anna Hutchinson, on 17th July 2017 1:39pm
We cannot allow fracking to go ahead. The consequences will be disastrous for the local environment, the local economy and the welfare of the population.
Please don’t fall for the line about cheaper gas prices. This will not happen. It will just mean bigger profits for the companies involved. When oil prices fell, did this result in cheaper petrol prices for the consumer?
Join the fight to stop fracking. It is ok to put your and family’s health and welfare before the profits of these organisations
Deb Sutton, on 17th July 2017 3:21pm
It's really important that people become informed about what "fracking" is and the huge implications involved. Once people find out about it, very few remain in favour of this industry unless they are already involved in it and stand to gain financially from it.

Even if you can't get to this evening's presentation, please look out for future local events and also do some research for yourself.
Sylvia Milner, on 18th July 2017 12:16am
It was good to see so many local people who are concerned about the impact of fracking on communities, the environment and climate change at the presentation tonight, Richard Howarth explained how different high volume, high pressure fracturing for shale gas is to conventional oil and gas drilling. Thousands of wells could be drilled across the Yorkshire Wolds and coastal regions, industrialising the countryside, affecting people's health and impacting badly on tourism and agriculture not to mention a huge increase in HGVs on our rural roads. And because fracking wells leak methane, a potent greenhouse gas, shale gas as a fuel is as bad as burning coal for contributing to climate change - the biggest problem our planet faces in the coming years.

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