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Young Mum Wants To Thank Good Samaritan After A64 Accident


6:03am 17th July 2017

A young mother who was involved in an accident on the A64 alongside her four-month-old son is trying to track down a kind stranger who helped her.

On Friday 14 July, at around 1.30pm, 21 year old Joda Walker was travelling to Bradford on the road when her foot got stuck between the clutch and the break. 

This resulted in her car veering off the side of the road into the barriers and spinning her out of control, all with her 4 month old baby in the vehicle. 

After momentarily being on two wheels, the car, which is a bright green Vauxhall Corsa, ended up on the central reservation. 

It all happened on the dual carriageway just past Rillington. Joda says she was helped by a good Samaritan, a woman, who pulled over and helped Joda get the baby out of the car on the busy dual carriageway. 

The woman also called the emergency services and Joda and her baby were taken to York Hospital by ambulance.

Neither Joda or her baby suffered any serious injuries, with Joda suffering some minor whiplash.

Joda said:

"I just want to say thank you to the woman who helped us, she's restored my faith in humanity.

If it wasn't for her I might not even have got my son out. She calmed me down, she was just lovely, really, really nice. 

I usually sit my baby in his car chair in the back of the car, however, ten minutes before the accident happened I pulled over into a lay-by and put him in the front because he started whining and I wasn't sure why.

So I strapped him in the front and when the paramedics came, and they said had I kept him in the back it would've been a different story."

If you're the woman who helped Joda, you can contact her on email via or call her on 07926797733.

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Skye Hayes, on 18th July 2017 1:48pm
I always said Midlands and Yorkshire people are most kindess respectful helpful people then people here in the south that are rude DISRESPECTFUL and don't care about no one but themselfs only ....I know you going get odd nasty few but I call them nothings couse all they are to me nothing ...but good people always up north Midlands and Yorkshire people....thank you to THOSES who are kind

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