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Three 'Spikes' Led To Scarborough South Bay Poor Quality Water

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Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:03am 31st May 2017.

The South Bay Trader's Association say that it could be damaging if there is not decent water quality in Scarborough's South Bay BUT that tests are being carried out everyday and that three 'spikes' led to the poor rating.

In November last year, it was revealed by figures form the Environment Agency confirmed that the water quality in the South Bay was 'poor.'

It has previously been given a 'poor' rating back in 2013 but got its rating back up to 'sufficient' in 2014 and 2015. 

And last week the South Bay also missed out on blue flag status, whereas the North Bay did. 

John Senior is from the South Bay Trader's Association, he said:

"The reason why we failed is mainly because of three spikes last year in the testing. For the rest of the year, or at least a very large part of the year, the water conditions were perfect, actually above the levels required.

But on three occasions, they spiked. So something very unusual happened that led to this lowering of the standards, and that's what concerns us as an association. 

If we can't resolve to have decent water quality at the South Bay in Scarborough we may have a problem going forward. 

But at the moment, I'd like to reassure everyone, the general quality of the water is fine and it is being tested on a daily basis."

You can hear the full interview with John senior below:

A statement from Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership read:

“The Environment Agency has recently carried out cutting-edge DNA profiling on water samples to help identify different sources of pollution and the analysis of these results is currently being finalised.

The Environment Agency is expected to formally report the findings to the organisations within the partnership, including Scarborough Borough Council, in the next few weeks.

The partnership will then use the data to better understand what can be done to improve water quality at Scarborough South Bay.”


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John Haxby, on 1st June 2017 4:56pm
From May to September 20 samples are taken of the bathing water, approximately 1 per week. Therefore the three spikes equate to 3 out of 20 samples which is 15%. This is not insignificant. And, it only represents 5 months, not the rest of the year as suggested.

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