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Humberside Police Supports Dementia Awareness Week

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6:02am 19th May 2017

Humberside Police is helping to raise awareness of dementia.

This week is Dementia Awareness Week, part of Mental Health Awareness Month that runs throughout the whole of May.

The force say that they regularly come into contact with people with dementia and their families. It says that to recognise the unique needs of people with the disease, they have undertaken activities such as:

  • Delivered mental health training to all our officers, which includes dementia awareness. This allows us to offer the best possible service and support to the public.
  • Actively encouraged sufferer’s families to register their loved ones with us as part of the Herbert Protocol. This enables family and friends to put systems in place to allow for early intervention if they go missing.
  • Identified a number of force champions who have dementia as their area of specialist interest and act as points of contact for colleagues so that any specific needs of people with dementia are addressed. These champions have undertaken vocational related qualifications in dementia awareness, in their own time, to enhance their knowledge and understanding.
  • With our partners we have developed the forcewide Safe Place scheme so people who are vulnerable have somewhere safe to go when they need support.

John Thirkettle is the Mental Health Operations Manager at Humberside Police, he said:

"People who go missing who don't have dementia and have their faculties about them, they might become confused and vulnerable but they're quite prepared to go and speak to someone.

But for someone with dementia, that quite often doesn't happen. They do wander into some isolated places but actually they can wander a very long distance and it makes it difficult for us to try and work out how best to try and find them.

There are lots of people who suffer with dementia in the community. We're told that the numbers are likely to grow as the population gets older generally and people with dementia will become significantly more of a concern for the police when they find themselves in vulnerable circumstances."

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