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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It

Scarborough Pupils Praised Following Evacuation

graham school

6:01am 19th May 2017

A member of Graham of School in Scarborough has praised the teachers, pupils and parents following two evacuations earlier this week.

On Monday morning, police were called following emails sent to the school saying that "a bomb would go off in the cafeteria."

It was established that the email was in fact a hoax and pupils were allowed back into the building later that morning. 

Then on Tuesday morning, the school was fully closed after another suspicious email sent. This time it remain closed for the whole day, with students who are taking their GCSEs having to instead take them at nearby Scalby School.

Again, police were called and carried out extensive searches, resulting in the arrest of a 13 year old boy. 

In an exclusive interview with Yorkshire Coast Radio, Chair of the Governers of Graham School, Honor Byford said:

"It was dealt with very well.  The emergency plan was used throughout the incident and the safety of students clearly was paramount.

It was an unusual situation but he support from the local authorities helped to mitigate against any challenges. 

The pupils have been excellent. In particular, throughout the evacuation, their behaviour was really good. 

They were very calm, they dealt with it very, very well indeed. They were very patient in actual fact when they were standing around outside and waiting.

Texts were sent out to parents and of course we use local radio such as Yorkshire Coast Radio in order to help get the message out. 

So we use as many of those kinds of avenues as possible to get the message out."

Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It

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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It