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Asbestos Found in Scarborough's Futurist Theatre

asbestos van

2:12pm 3rd March 2017
(Updated 11:33am 13th March 2017)

There's a warning to the public not to try to get into the building of Scarborough's Futurist Theatre.

It comes from the borough council after a company's found asbestos inside, which was as expected.

It says there could be asbestos fibres in the air inside.

The council's Member for Project Leadership, Mike Cockerill, said:

"We are going to put signs up, warning people not to enter the building due to this danger. We are aware that some people have been in illegally and we have a responsibility to people whether they're entering legally, or illegally. This is why we're putting the warning signs up".

UPDATE: Contractors Rilmac have clarified that they were not employed to remove or disturb any asbestos in the building. Their role was to carry out a 'needle sweep' to ensure there were no needles or drugs paraphernalia which could cause a hazard to other contractors. No needles were found in the building, however some animal faeces and a dead fox were found and safely removed.

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Bernard Blagden, on 14th March 2017 11:01pm
It would appear that no checks were made by the company who owned the van shown in the picture and that they had been employed to check for other objects so why the miss information that was given out to the public, another cover up storey ???.

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