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Scarborough Taxis to Get MOT at Council Depot

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6:31am 11th January 2017

Taxi drivers in the borough of Scarborough will now have to have their vehicles MOTd at a council approved centre.

The plan's been approved by the council and is aimed at improving safety for passengers and other road users.

It's also to make sure the council can control the standard of licensed vehicles on the road.

It's caused concern among taxi drivers who say they'll all have to come to Scarborough twice a year for those checks and it takes away their choice..

Porfolio holder for Public Health at the council, Bill Chatt, said:

"This is based upon public safety and improving our service and that's what it should all be about. Members of the public who get into those taxis should feel secure and safe. My concern is that the last checks that were done proved things weren't working right for some reason.

If somebody dies, somebody gets hurt, or maimed, people will say to the council 'you're the licensing authority, why haven't you done anything?' I would say we're doing everything we can. I will also say Scarborough taxi drivers are the best in the country. Every single taxi driver's had a DBS, they've all had a medical health check and they've all got safeguard training".


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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It