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Plans To Tackle Scarborough's Gull Problems


6:03am 11th January 2017

An action plan to tackle nuisance gulls in Scarborough borough will be discussed at a council meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

It includes proposals to remove eggs and nests from buildings, as well as using birds of prey to frighten them away.

There's also plans for more signs to remind people not to feed the birds.

Councillor Godfrey Allanson, chair of the council's gull taskforce, said:

"I'm afraid the cost of employing specialist contractors to remove the nests and the eggs doesn't come cheap, but it's something that if we don't do, I know that many members feel that there'll be a serious accident. These gulls are quite large when they attack people. I think to do nothing isn't an option, we've got to do something."

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Scarborough UTC. School But Not As You Know It