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Scarborough's Night Time Economy: The Taxi Driver's View

Scarborough's Night Time Economy: The Taxi Driver's View

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 12:36pm 22nd December 2016. (Updated at 1:57pm 23rd December 2016)

A Scarborough taxi driver has been giving us his thoughts on Scarborough's night time economy.

It's as we spend this week examining the late night drinking culture on and around St Nicholas Street in the town centre at weekends.

The council has extended its public consultation on the situation, asking residents for their views.

Geoff Nock has driven for Atlas Cars for 7 years and says the area can be 'carnage' on a Friday and Saturday night..

Click below to hear Geoof talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke about his experiences..

You can take part in the council's public consultation here


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Gayle Smith, on 22nd December 2016 4:34pm
I have been with Nippy on nights for 11 years, another thing I have noticed is when St Nicholas Street is closed people tend to forget where the boundary is when they have had a few and you then get one or two wandering on to St Thomas Street. Maybe people could be educated more about how to cross the road when in drink.
I think closing the road isn't really addressing the problem, just stopping drunk people from walking in front of cars. Close the road and give the drunks a free rein in the road.
Maybe now is the time to go back to the old licensing hours, pre drinking would stop as the drinking would be done in town, pubs would benefit more as the money would be passed over their counters and not the supermarkets, and people would get home at a more reasonable time for a good nights sleep. Why, we may even go to town on a Sunday and not see hungover shop assistants everywhere. A return back to the old hours may even stop so many being over the limit when they drive the next morning.
Merry Christmas all!
Gayle Smith, on 23rd December 2016 2:29am
My name is Richard, my wife is registered on this site :)

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