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Futurist Will Be Demolished Says Council Leader


6:01am 12th December 2016
(Updated 1:00pm 12th December 2016)

The leader of Scarborough Borough Council says the Futurist Theatre building will be demolished.

Councillor Derek Bastiman has told us that those wishing to save it have been given ample opportunity to come up with a business plan, but no such plan has come forward.

He says a meeting in January is simply to discuss the costs of the building's demolition, because it's already been agreed that it will be pulled down.

He also said a petition to save the building was submitted to the council and considered, but rejected.

Councillor Bastiman said:

"The process has been adhered to all the way through, there's an agreement that the Futurist will be demolished, the meeting on the 9th January is to approve a figure for the demolition of the Futurist and the stabilisation of the site."

His comments come as the campaign group 'Save the Futurist' step up their efforts to prevent the building's demolition, including projecting images onto it last Saturday evening.

Earlier this month the group issued a document stating their aims:

"We wish to see the Futurist fully modernised and beautifully restored as a central part of the tourism and cultural provision for both the town and the wider region.

We also believe that an updated Futurist Theatre, re-fitted as a world class facility, would bring untold economic benefits to each and every resident of Scarborough; theatregoer or not."

On Saturday the campaign group projected video material on to the theatre's cladding. They have posted a video of the event on their Facebook page.


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Peter Maynard, on 13th December 2016 11:59pm
I'm astounded that Councillor Bastiman keeps repeating these incorrect statements that the decision has already been made to demolish the Futurist. As I previously commented on this website in relation to Councillor Bastiman's last such statement he is either totally incompetent and ignorant of the legal position i.e. that any decision to demolish the Futurist must be be passed by a majority vote at a full council meeting (and that no such vote has yet been taken) or he is party to a gross deception on the Scarborough public. Either way he is unfit for office and those councillors who agree with me should pass a vote of no confidence in their "leader".
If any further evidence is required of Mr Bastiman's unfitness for office then one need look no further than his incredulous statement that no business plan has been put forward by the campaigners for saving the Futurist Theatre!!!!

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