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Poor Water Quality At Scarborough's South Bay

Poor Water Quality At Scarborough's South Bay

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 3:40pm 8th November 2016. (Updated at 4:54pm 8th November 2016)

New figures have revealed that the water quality at Scarborough's South Bay is poor.

It's a downgrade from the previous rating of sufficient, and means that bathing is not advised.

South Bay in Scarborough was given a poor rating back in 2013, but was classed as sufficient in 2014 and 2015.

The figures have come from the Environment Agency, who test the quality of water at over 400 beaches and lakes across the country.

Richard Clarke from the Environment Agency says

"The bathing water quality at Scarborough South has been qualified as poor, and unfortunately that means that signs will have to be displayed on the beach advising the public against bathing there. It doesn’t mean that the beach won’t be open that will be open for people to enjoy, and we are working with the council and other organisations to improve the water quality in the area.”

All of the other locations tested in Scarborough borough and the East Riding of Yorkshire were given ratings of at least sufficient, with many getting good and excellent ratings.

Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay and Scarborough's North Bay were among those to be rated excellent.

Reacting to the new figures the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership, a group comprising of the Borough Council, Yorkshire Water, the Environment Agency and the county councils, issued a statement.

"Scarborough South Bay remains a great place to visit and we, as a partnership, encourage people to enjoy the facilities and activities it offers. While the bathing water quality at Scarborough South beach has been classified as 'poor' at the end of the 2016 season, the beach remains open for people to enjoy and all partners remain committed to improving water quality in the area.

“In 2013 Yorkshire Water invested £50million to make improvements to the sewerage and sewage treatment systems. The company completed a massive engineering project, including construction of a huge storm water tank and a state of the art ultraviolet treatment plant that was completed prior to the bathing water season in 2015. The bathing water quality began to show an improvement midway through that investment programme.

“This summer, an intensive sampling programme has been carried out by the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water to fully understand the impact and nature of the remaining pollution across the whole of Scarborough. We will be using DNA analysis to help identify pollution sources. These results will be assessed through the winter months.

“The Environment Agency has also worked with local businesses and the harbour to raise awareness about what everyone can do to contribute to help improve water quality at Scarborough South. Through the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership we will continue to look at ways to drive improvements to Yorkshire’s bathing water quality.

“The partnership remains committed to ensuring that Scarborough South Bay’s bathing water quality improves more over the coming years. Everyone has a part to play in protecting and improving our great bathing waters. People can help us by following some simple steps such as picking up after their dogs and not feeding seabirds.”


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