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North Yorkshire's Workforce Is Getting Older

North Yorkshire's Workforce Is Getting Older

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:01am 27th October 2016.

The workforce in North Yorkshire is getting older according to the latest annual Public Health report.

Over the next six years, it's estimated 12.3% of the North Yorkshire workforce will reach retirement age.

In 2015, there were 366,483 people of a working age (between 15-64 years) living in the area, which was 4% lower than the UK average.

Between 2016 and 20139, there will be a 10% reduction in the working age population and although over 80% of that population are in employment, 6,400 people were unemployed in 2015. 

Young people are also leaving the area because of the job market and a lack of affordable housing. 

Rachel Richards is a Consultant in Public Health, 

"This has raised all sorts of issues, not just about the changing workforce but also about the future and what sort of future we want for North Yorkshire.

"60% of the working age group are actually over 40, so we need to start thinking as employers how we look after our working age population.

"This can be done through things such as increasing physical activity, making workplaces smoke-free environments, healthy eating and being inclusive towards those who perhaps have a chronic condition and keeping them in employment."



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