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Scarborough's Summer Season Looks Good

Scarborough's Summer Season Looks Good

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 2:30pm 1st April 2016.

Traders in Scarborough's South Bay say they're optimistic it'll be a good summer for business.


It's as they say the winter hasn't been as bad as other recent years.


It's being put down to economic recovery, mild weather and possibly visitors being put off going elsewhere because of flooding.


Chairman of the South Bay Traders' Association, John Senior, says they've definitely seen an upturn.


He said:

"It's much more positive than it was last year. Talking to the guys coming into Scarborough they all seem very happy. I notice that there has been an upturn in trade so we've been able to keep our positions open much longer than we've been able to in other years and maintain staff positions which is important.


"It's a cycle to people. The coast, the sea, Scarborough is a beautiful place as are Whitby and Filey. I think that perhaps it goes out of fashion for a year or two and then people think they want to go back to the coast and see the sea and wonder along the best free show in town. So I think there's a rediscovery element as well which is all good stuff as well. So I think that we're probably in for a good season."


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