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Filey MP Backs European Union

Filey MP Backs European Union

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 1:41pm 23rd February 2016.

The MP for Filey's been talking to us about his views on the EU Referendum.

Conservative Kevin Hollinrake says he'll be voting to stay in the European Union.

David Cameron announced the public vote on whether to stay or leave at the weekend after renegotiating a new deal for the UK.


Kevin said:

"Money that comes from the EU into coastal communities is really important. The old industries of Filey in the past like fishing and shipbuilding aren't going to return and we need to look at other businesses which will provide new jobs for local people. these things are very important and are at risk if we pull out of Europe.

If we left the European Union, there would be a pause in investment, which could be very damaging to our economy and most damaging to everyday people in terms of their jobs, being able to pay their mortgage or rent and small business people who rely on a strong economy to be able to make a living".




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