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University of Hull Speaks up on Scarborough Campus

University of Hull Speaks up on Scarborough Campus

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 2:46pm 12th January 2016. (Updated at 8:27am 13th January 2016)

The future of University Campus Scarborough might not be clear for some time yet.

We told you yesterday how Hull College Group, who were going to take over the running of the site on Filey Road have now pulled out.

The University of Hull says it will review its options on what to do - although it's too early to say what they might be.

We asked Dr Giles Davidson, the Acting Principal of Hull University Scarborough Campus what's next, he said:

"I think what's important is to get this right rather than to get it quick. Now, it's really obvious and we're conscious of the fact that we need to make this decision within a reasonable timescale but I think it would be inappropriate to start imposing artificial deadlines on that.

"This news has only broken yesterday, and the university will give proper and serious consideration to the options for the campus. Obviously until 2017 we are fully committed to ensuring that the current students have the best possible experience on campus that they can have.


Scarborough Borough Council Leader, Derek Bastiman said:

"It's come as a great shock to be quite honest. My primary concern of course is for the students who are attending the college now and those who have shown an interest to attend in the future.

"It's something that we will have to work with other agencies and other education providers to see what the best way forward is for the young people who would have been attending this site. It's a real bolt out of the blue when a young person's identified the place of where they wanted to continue their further education and then the rug's pulled out from under their feet".


Craig Gaskell, Provost of Coventry University Scarborough Campus, said:

"We're completely committed to developing a strong ubiversity on the Yorkshire coast for the long term and there's no reason anyone can't do their degree course here.

"In many ways, the announcement doesn't affect Coventry University Scarborough Campus or our £14 million pound investment at Weaponness".





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