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Last Coble Fisherman Leaves Filey

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Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:04am 3rd October 2013.

There'll soon be no coble fisherman in Filey.


Julian Barker is the last one, and has been working in Filey for the past 20 years.

He says he's having to sell up and start working out of Scarborough, because it's too dangerous for him to keep going.

He said: "You get stuck when you push in, because of the beach. When you come ashore, you get stuck again, it's a nightmare. There's a possibilty if one of the tractors breaks down, we'll be stuck full stop. We can't get help from the inshore lifeboat, because, well, you can't expect them to come out every day and help us but it's every day we get stuck. The beach is just horrendous. So I've decided, I've had enough. 


"I don't like it. I like being at Filey. It's very sad to see it all go. I mean to come down here next year, it'll be full of cars. I remember when it was full of cobles, there must've been 20 boats here when I was a kid, and now there's none." 



Councillor Mike Cockerill, from Scarborough Borough Council said: "Before any changes can be considered or made at Coble Landing, we have to apply for a special licence to the Marine Management Organisation.  This process is currently taking its due course."


filey beach coble landing

Julian says this build up of sand and rocks is causing him to get stuck.


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