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World Dance for Well-Being

  • Wednesday 25th September, 2019 1:20pm to 3:20pm

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  • Wednesday 25th September, 2019 1:20pm to 3:20pm

Tel: 0300 303 3464

St. James Community Art Centre
24 Seamer Road
YO12 4DT

Traditional dances from E. Europe, Greece, Near East, etc., plus recent choreographies to various music - some moderately lively, some slow and meditative. Dances for enjoyment, relaxation, mobility and co-ordination. Beginners welcome. Most dances are done in a circle with hands joined and do not involve partners. There will be a selection of slow, medium and livelier dances. The emphasis will be on enjoyment and participation. Aspects of learning the dances include - co-operating with others to best do the dances; appreciation of music and rhythms from around the world; learning of basic step sequences; and attention to posture in dancing - how we hold our bodies, and how to dance in a relaxed fashion.

10 Sessions - If in receipt of benefit you may be able to attend for free!