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Plant and seed sale and swap

  • Saturday 30th March, 2019 10:00am to 2:00pm

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  • Saturday 30th March, 2019 10:00am to 2:00pm
Growing Opportunities is holding a plant and seed sale to raise funds to buy trees, perennial plants and compost to continue establishing a community garden at The Street. The garden is being developed by residents and groups volunteering their time, helping with planting, weeding, litter picking and maintenance.
We have saved seeds from our organically grown plants, including flowers and vegetabls. The plants are self-seeded or propagated and include forget-me-not, feverfew, comfrey, evening primrose, periwinkle and cotoneaster. All our plants are good for attracting polinating insects.
We also welcome people to bring along seeds or plants so we can do a swap so that we can increase the range of plants in the garden. We especially welcome plants with simple open polinated flowers to help bees and/or seed or berry producing plants that will attract birds.
Our aim is to create an edible and nature-friendly garden at The Street that is a peaceful and attractive place to relax close to the town centre.