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Malfundo's Ghost - Murder Mystery

  • Saturday 2nd November, 2019 7:00pm to 10:30pm

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  • Saturday 2nd November, 2019 7:00pm to 10:30pm

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Cober Hill
Newlands Road
YO13 0AR

Professor Algernon Argyll has been working on a top-secret project (known only as ‘Project J’) on behalf of the Government for the last eighteen months. If successful, it would radically change the future of the world. At last, after years of speculation in science fiction stories and films, Professor Argyll is on the verge of developing x-ray spectacles which will actually work.

The significance of this developmental research cannot be understated – there will be uses for the technology in medicine, engineering and, of course, military espionage. According to a letter he has recently sent to his colleague and sponsor, Sir Jonathon Filtonby-Cruise, he is approximately three weeks away from having a working model.

Unfortunately, it would seem that somebody – or more worryingly some THING – is trying to halt his progress. Two weeks ago his assistant, Jenny, disappeared mysteriously and has not been seen since. In addition, whilst working late in his laboratory two nights ago, he heard a series of terrifying howls and laughter which scared him out of his wits. He could think of no other action other than to lock all the doors and windows of the laboratory (which is situated in an abandoned fairground as cover) and remain there all night. Investigating via the internet, he unearthed website devoted to a story about a ghost of a clown who was murdered at the fairground in 1898, and who is supposed to haunt the local area at night and who has been responsible for the disappearance of over half a dozen people over the years. He convinced himself that this must be the cause of the disappearance of Jenny and the manic laughter he could hear outside his laboratory.

Today is October 31st. The weather is awful – it has been raining since the early hours of last night and now there are rumbles of distant thunder. Professor Argyll is back down at his laboratory. At Argyll Manor, the Professor’s wife Mildred and their butler Mr Wilkins are awaiting the arrival of their houseguests.

Suddenly, the lights flicker and then go out, leaving the room in darkness. The Professor goes to turn on the lights. There is a terrifying howl, and then a mortifying ghostly laugh. Eventually Mr Wilkins puts the lights back on....and Professor Argyll is found lying dead.