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Of Course it's Murder! - Murder Mystery

  • Saturday 17th August, 2019 7:00pm to 10:30pm

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  • Saturday 17th August, 2019 7:00pm to 10:30pm

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Murder Mystery Evening...

Mellingham Golf Club has seen better days. The average age of the membership is 77, the greens and fairways are more like the local recreation ground than St Andrews and the last time anybody from the club won a competition was in 1979 when Freddie Brown won the mixed grill in the raffle.

Rumours of the closure of the golf club have been around for years – several property developers have submitted plans for new complexes to be built on the land, with new housing, a superstore, health centre, bank, post office and a cinema. There would be improved transport links, improved broadband and cable TV. The local villagers have been looking forward to a better standard of living for years. Now, for the last few weeks, rumours have been rife that – at last – there was progress, and an exciting new development was about to be announced.

The golf club has indeed been sold – and the new owner, Swinley Forest, has big plans. And he has invited the villagers to come to the clubhouse to hear all about them…

However, the plans do not quite meet the expectations of the locals. Swinley’s proposals includebuilding a large, exclusive golf resort to replace the run-down course which is there now. Planning permission has been granted and building work is due to begin in two weeks' time.

The guests have arrived at the village hall and are awaiting his arrival. His wife and daughter tell them that he had been playing a round with his neighbour earlier that afternoon, and that he would arrive shortly. His neighbour had obviously returned home because his car was in his drive, so where was Swinley? Walt Heath offers to go and look for him, and comes back several minutes later to say Swinley has been found in the men's changing room, clubbed to death. The police are called and the detective arrives...