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Books By The Beach - Michael Palin: EREBUS, The St

  • Sunday 14th April, 2019 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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  • Sunday 14th April, 2019 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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In September 2014 the wreck of HMS Erebus was discovered at the bottom of the sea in the frozen wastes of the Canadian Arctic. It’s whereabouts had been a mystery for over a century and a half. From its launch in 1826 to its ultimate catastrophe in the Arctic, Michael’s account brings this extraordinary ship back to life.

He explores the careers of the ship’s explorers and the courage of British sailors and officers on their voyages to the ends of the earth.

To help tell this story Michael travelled to various locations around the world to search for local information and to experience at first hand the terrain and conditions that would have confronted the Erebus and her crew. His account combines a chilling adventure and a golden age polar exploration.

Michael has written and starred in many TV programmes and films. He has also made travel documentaries taking him from the Poles to the Sahara Desert.

His books include accounts of his journeys, two novels and several volumes of diaries. From 2009 -2012 he was president of the Royal Geographic Society and in 2013 made a BAFTA fellow.

Don’t miss this chance to meet Michael and have a book signed by him at the event

All Tickets: £12 (plus booking fees)