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'You Have Been Watching' - Dark Horse Performance at The Stephen Joseph Theatre

  • Wednesday 18th October, 2017 1:30pm to 2:30pm

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  • Wednesday 18th October, 2017 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Tel: 01723 370 541

Email: tickets@sjt.uk.com

North Yorkshire
YO11 1JW

Dark Horse presents the world premiere of:
You Have Been Watching

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough - 18/10/17 1:30pm & 7:45pm, 19/10/17 7:00pm

Find the body, solve the murder, get the girl, stay on the show.Dark Horse invites you to be part of the studio audience watching the filming of the latest episode of BAD, the TV sitcom everyone is talking about.

After a false start (or two) it finally looks as if struggling actor Martin Midgley is going to get his dream role and a regular speaking part playing Detective Bob Newton in BAD, all he has to do first is solve the murder and he’s in. But with everyone else fighting to stay on the show, rival families at war over a ‘will they, won’t they’ wedding and none of the other characters willing to stay dead, it seems as if everyone is determined to get in the way of his enquiries.

From the company that brought you Snakebite and Sing Something Simple, You Have Been Watching
is a laugh out loud, farcical bittersweet comedy, asking questions about ambition and determination, family influence and independence in an ever changing world.

With an energetic physical style and a soundtrack that includes Female of the Species (Space), Bad (Kirsty MacColl), Pack Up (Eliza Doolittle), Baby You’ve Got What It Takes (Michael Bublé) and One Way or Another (Blondie), you’re guaranteed to enjoy a great night out.