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Speak out Community Support Group

Mental health support group.
Although our groups in the community are on hold we are still up and running offering support to anyone who needs it via our social Media platform mainly FB. Although, you can find us on instagram, Twitter and You tube
You can find us on FB by friend requesting Helen Speak, looking for our Speak Out Community Support Group page, and requesting to join our group.
We also offer support using other contact methods. Such as FB messenger to either of the above,
Phone, text, e-mail, zoom Or Skype
We are open to everyone over the age of 18 and help and support people to speak out about mental health, disabilities and much more. It can be anything past or present that is affecting you in your everyday life. We offer peer to peer support in the hope of helping you live happier healthier lives. If your struggling please get in touch or If you know someone who Might benefit from our group please pass on our details. If you have any questions on bs please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Helen 😊